Saturday, April 5, 2014

Review of The Killing Vision by Will Overby

You’ll Never Guess

I do it every time and I get so mad at myself for it… I always wait way too long after reading a book to write the quality review I want to give. I read The Killing Vision a few months ago and so much has stayed with me. That alone should tell you I really enjoyed it. I read so much that a lot of the time I forget parts of the story. Sometimes I recall next to nothing. Not the case with this one.

I vividly remember the characters, their individual traits, their mannerism descriptions, their expressions and the scenery. I remember the ups and downs of the storyline and getting frustrated when I couldn’t figure out who the freak did it. Just when you think you’ve solved it, Overby sends you a curveball. Then you’re like, “Oh! Now I know what happened!” But no, you’re wrong again.

The plot in The Killing Vision is exceptionally well thought out. I can’t imagine what the outline must have looked like. It had to have taken a considerable amount of planning to set up, reveal, and tie together all the pieces to this mystery. 

When I was searching for a Will Overby book, I had to force myself to choose just one. I’m really glad I grabbed The Killing Vision. It has definitely convinced me to get another. 

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