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Starlette Uni'VERSE' by Kathy Johnson

image of book cover for starlette Universe by Kathy JohnsonSTARLETTE UNI ‘VERSE’
If you want your life to sparkle on earth -
Welcome to Starlette Universe.
Here you’ll find happiness, pun and mirth –
And lots of life-lessons on self-worth.

A Starlette’s life isn’t ‘All about ME’.
Starlettes know life is ‘All about ‘WE’:
By turning their differences into blends –
These girls understand how to be best friends.

One rule sacred to Starlette gals -
Is never to have evil kids for pals.
Two more things that the Starlettes nix -
Are being snobs and forming cliques.

Starlettes enjoy the hobby of ‘BOYING ‘ -
But all bets are off when guys get annoying.
Starlettes expect guys to treat them nice
And are not into guys with bad habits or vice.

All of the Starlettes are colorful teens.
Jinnie is out there turning the earth green.
Bekka is always turning bright red.
And Skylar, in hot pink, turns every guy’s head.

Sallee wins blue ribbons racing in track -
And for Lizzie, right and wrong are always white and black.
Ashlee shines brightest in clothes that are yellow -
But then, none of the Starlettes would ever dress mellow.

Starlettes just love to go to the malls.
It is their way of playing real dolls.
They adore shopping and trying clothes on.
Trust me! These Starlettes have a lot going on.

Lizzie adores choco’ - which makes her heart flutter -
And Skylar goes nutty over jelly-peanut butter.
All of the Starlettes work out to be thinner -
So they can eat out at Loopy Lizard’s for dinner.

No ‘FOOD’ling .
The Starlettes love to go drooling:
And Loopy Lizard’s is the ‘go to’ to get their fueling:
It’s a fave’ hangout, with razzamatazz -
And these PEPPY CRONIES add lots of ‘PIZZA’zz.

You’ll find that the Starlettes are very beguiling.
At fourteen, they’re high flashin’ – stylin’ and smilin’.
If you think the Starlettes look great -
It’s because of the fruit and veggies they ate.

‘NICE’ going –
But life is not sugar and spice -
And Starlette Universe is not paradise.
The Starlettes are hexed by beautiful Eve -
And her black magic is not make-believe!

The Starlettes do not like Eva one ‘BIT’ !
They think she grows fangs when she is twi-lit.
Although Eva brags that she’s a vampire -
Is this the truth – or is Eva a liar?

Even though Eva is in every tale -
You can be sure the Starlettes will prevail.
If being enlightened is what you are after -
Enter Starlette Universe
And live happily ever ‘LAUGHTER’!

[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignleft" width="84" caption="Skylar"]image of character Skylar[/caption]SKYLAR
Skylar is a ‘Drama Teen’, and she will go far -
In fact, one day she hopes to be STAR.

Eva is her competition for the big screen -
And it’s hard to win out when Eva gets mean.

Guys crush on Skylar, and she crushes guys -
But only Heartthrob Eddie gives Skylar wet eyes!

Eddie is a hassle, and Eva makes her shudder –
But Skylar stays cheerful -
If she’s eating peanut butter.

[caption id="attachment_70" align="alignright" width="84" caption="Ashlee"]image of character Ashlee[/caption]ASHLEE
Wearing stylin’ clothes is Ashlee’s fave’ thing -
Unless it’s accessories, purses and bling.

Ashlee loves blushes - but not any ‘fake-up’.
She likes to look like she did at her ‘wake-up’.

Ashlee is waaaay too pretty for Eve -
And ‘prettiest’ is what Eva wants to achieve.

Eva is passionate to bring Ashlee down
But it’s totally not pretty –
When Eva makes Ashlee frown!

[caption id="attachment_71" align="alignleft" width="84" caption="Lizzie"]image of character Lizzie[/caption]LIZZIE
The main thing about Lizzie, she’d want you to say -
Is she will be President of the USA one day.

Lizzie is a leader and always wants the win.
That’s how she got to be Cheerlead Captain.

Guys ‘heart’ Lizzie, but she blows them away -
Because she’s always adding to her resume.

Eva hates Lizzie for being popular and slim -
And that’s why Eva burned down the gym!

[caption id="attachment_72" align="alignright" width="84" caption="Bekka"]image of character Bekka[/caption]BEKKA
Studious Bekka has a noble ambition.
She hopes one day to be a physician.

For Bekka, a genius, learning is fun -
And she wants to be ‘valedictorian’.

But ‘Smartest in Class’ is a nail biter to the end -
Because Eva also wants the ‘VAL-E’ GAL’ pin!
Defeating Bekka becomes Eva’s big crusade -
And she’ll do anything to bring down Bekka’s grade.

[caption id="attachment_73" align="alignleft" width="84" caption="Jinnie"]image of character Jinnie[/caption]JINNIE
Jinnie is shy but also sweet and kind –
And has an unusual, but very keen mind.

Eva the Evil intimidates Jinnie unduly -
For Eva is one very serious bully!

A really wonderful thing happens to Jin.
She meets a darling boy named Ben.

Unfortunately for Jin – the thing about Ben -
Is: Eva’s his crush – and that crushes Jin!

[caption id="attachment_74" align="alignright" width="84" caption="Sallee"]image of character Sallee[/caption]SALLEE
Sallee adores sports – and thinks she is blessed.
In race marathons, she comes out the best.

So when Sallee runs a race and she is beaten -
Could it be because Eva the Evil was cheating?

Sallee likes Lee, who is quite a player -
But he turns out to be a betrayer.

Unfortunately, Evil Eva also likes Lee -
And with Sallee and Eva – it gets real ‘ugh-LEE’!


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